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A Healthcare Power of Attorney allows another individual to make decisions on your behalf in a healthcare space. Alternatively, this person will be given the power to advocate your decisions in a healthcare space. It is important to make clear what you wish to have happen in particular circumstances, such as long term care, staying in your personal residence vs. a care facility, and more. These decisions are important to walk through and understand when establishing what you wish for someone to have the power to help you with when you need it most. Further, it is important to consider who will be making those decisions for you. 

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What is a Trust = A Beautiful Wooden Box

What is a trust?  This is a super common question we get at Atlanta Wills and Trusts.  It is typically followed up by a few additional questions.  Do I need a trust?  Do I need a will if I have a trust? Short answers: A trust is a beautiful wooden box.  You put things...

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