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Atlanta Wills + Trusts is a different kind of estate planning law firm – this was intentional. While we have the knowledge, experience, and team to help our clients prepare a will, a trust, powers of attorney and other important documents to protect their family, our goal is not just to provide our client with a packet of documents and send them on their way.

Rather, our goal is for our clients to walk away with a plan. A plan that works for them, their family and their lives when they need it to work. A plan they know what to do with, who to tell about, and what next steps to take to ensure they are protected and those they love the most are protected. A plan that isn’t just a transaction, but the beginning of a relationship.

That type of plan requires a law firm, like ours, dedicated to being different, intentional and thoughtful about working with clients to make sure time is taken to answer the important questions and educate our clients.

Each member of our team is dedicated to our clients receiving a plan that works. Meet our team.

Amy Refeca

Owner, Founder And Attorney

Amy is very proud of her professional experience as an attorney and the educational journey which got her to this point in her life. However, Amy is prouder and wants to ensure that those who visit this page know that she is also a mother, wife, sister, friend. She is an educator, speaker, author, giver. She is all of that, and an experienced attorney and owner of Atlanta Wills + Trusts Law Group.

Amy grew up in Missouri and eventually graduated from the University of Missouri – St. Louis. She was the first member of her immediate family to get a degree. Upon deciding what she wanted to do with her life after college, she made a fateful decision to attend law school at Cumberland School of Law in Birmingham, Alabama from which she graduated in 2001.

Amy is admitted to practice law in Georgia and Florida. She is also accredited by the Department of Veteran’s Affairs to assist veterans in obtaining entitled benefits. She has presented at continuing legal education events, volunteered with local bar associations to mentor high school students in both Miami, Florida and in Roswell, Georgia, been and is a member of several organizations encouraging and empowering women such as Georgia Association of Women Lawyers.

Amy is passionate about education and speaks regularly for women’s organizations in and around the Metropolitan Atlanta Area and also shares important education on several social media outlets to assist everyone is demystifying the planning process.

Lori Hamre – Jenkins

Director Of Client Services

Lori is passionate about protecting who she loves the most and protecting those who cannot protect themselves. Which is just one of the reasons our clients love and appreciate how she helps them through the process of planning with our team.

Helping and wanting to understand others is not just a part of Lori’s job here at Atlanta Wills + Trusts Law Group, it’s an important part of Lori’s educational journey.

Lori graduated from Kennesaw State University in 2013 with a degree in World History and Culture. Her focus while studying, both at Kennesaw and previously at The George Washington University in DC, was in women’s studies. While pursuing her education, she also started a family. Appreciating how much mother’s do for others while pursuing their dreams is something Lori is intimately aware.

Lori brings all of this to her role in our firm where she ensures that potential new clients are greeted and welcomed into the firm seamlessly. She also works directly with current clients throughout the planning process and gathers and communicates important information necessary to put a plan in place that works for that client and family. Lori also is a touch point for clients whose planning is complete but may have questions or other needs in our community.

Cover for Atlanta Wills + Trusts Law Group by Refeca Law, LLC
Atlanta Wills + Trusts Law Group by Refeca Law, LLC

Atlanta Wills + Trusts Law Group by Refeca Law, LLC

We Help Women Protect Who They Love The Most

Nothing on this page, or in links provided on this page, constitutes legal advice or the practice of law. Nor does viewing this page form an attorney/client relationship between you and the firm.

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Every woman has an estate plan, its likely just not a plan THEY chose and instead the lawmakers of the state they live in when they die chose it. If that isn't what you want, then you need to create an estate plan! Here is our latest blog post explaining why every woman needs a will: bit.ly/3wBXvYa#estateplanning #estateplans #alpharettaestateplanning #alpharetta #atlanta #johnscreek #roswell #milton #cumming #Woodstock #canton #northfulton #willsattorney #trustsattorney #momsneedwills #estateplansformoms #womenneedwills #estateplansforwomen ... See MoreSee Less
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Our founder and managing attorney, Amy Refeca, has been a passionate supporter and proud Board Member of Helping Mamas, Inc. for over three years. She has donated a portion of every fee received for preparing an estate plan since becoming a member! So through this, our clients have been supporters also! Helping Mamas has grown and supported so many women and young families. This year alone, Helping Mamas has worked with over 200 agencies to serve over 65,000 individuals in Georgia. We have larger goals which are attainable with your support! We are challenging our corporate community to step up and help Helping Mamas raise awareness for diaper need and period product poverty in our communities and to support our goals. To learn more, reach out to Demitrah at [email protected] or by phone at (470) 568-2259. The deadline to register your company is August 31st! ... See MoreSee Less
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New 5.0-star Review: "We had a veyr positive experience with Amy and her team. They are very competent and their customer service was first-rate. I highly recommend them for all your estate planning needs." ... See MoreSee Less
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