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The most well-known estate planning tool, a Last Will & Testament is a legal document which comes into play after you pass away. It outlines who will be given your money, your things, your home and/or other real property.

The Will outlines what happens with your body (burial, cremation). Most Wills also say something about guardianship for your minor children.

Finally, the document will also appoint a person to make sure all these things happen, they are usually called an Executor.


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What is a Will and why do you need a Will?

What is a Will and why do you need a Will?

What is a Will? Here is a very, very basic breakdown of what a will is (and isn’t): A legal, binding document Goes into effect when you die Can be changed up until you die Needs to be signed in a certain way or isn’t valid and enforceable (subject to laws of state you...

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