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The most well-known estate planning tool, a Last Will & Testament is a legal document which comes into play after you pass away. It outlines who will be given your money, your things, your home and/or other real property.

The Will outlines what happens with your body (burial, cremation). Most Wills also say something about guardianship for your minor children.

Finally, the document will also appoint a person to make sure all these things happen, they are usually called an Executor.


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College Kids and Advance Directives for Health Care

College Kids and Advance Directives for Health Care

'Tis the season for graduations!  In fact, we are celebrating the graduation of our founder and managing attorney's daughter from high school.  We know these young adults are getting antsy!  They are ready and want to leave for college. Yesterday.  In fact, a few of...

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