Here we are sharing 3 reasons you should work with an attorney when preparing your will and other important documents in your estate plan.  We’ll share them in three separate posts and expand a little bit on each reason!  Here is reason number three of the three reasons you should work with an attorney when getting a Last Will & Testament and other important estate planning documents in place:

It may be too late to fix after you become incapacitated or pass away.  Many times we hear at Atlanta Wills + Trusts Law Group that someone has used a form or an internet based service to create their will.  When I speak with them, after just a few minutes we discover that what they really wanted to happen for their family wasn’t going to happen because the form they used wasn’t state specific, for us in Georgia that could make the difference between being a valid or invalid will.  Perhaps the form also didn’t cover what they wanted to have happen in the even they become incapacitated, rather just dealt with what they want when they die.

Forms from internet based providers or legal insurance programs, without actually knowing what the questions mean, the forms do and how to complete them for your specific family can make the difference between protecting your family or not protecting your family.  It can make the different between someone working or not.

We get to know what you want to have happen if you become incapacitated or pass away for you and your family.  We get to know your assets and how each will be protected during these times, also.  We make sure your estate plan works for you.