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Special Needs Trusts: Pooled Trusts

A pooled trust is a type of first party special needs trust.  In Georgia, there are approved providers of a pooled trusts, the one with the longest and most comprehensive history of helping Georgians and their families is the Georgia Community Trust, associated with...

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Special Needs Trusts: 1st Party SNTs

This is the second blog post about special needs trusts, we are sharing three in total!  This post is about first party special needs trusts, sometimes referred to as 1st party special needs trusts or 1st pty SNTs.  We know that sometimes there are circumstances which...

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Special Needs Trusts: 3rd Party SNTs

If you have a child or sibling who has special needs, you need a different approach to estate planning.  Why? Because if you want to provide for that child or sibling in your Will, there are more serious consequences to consider. For example, if your sibling is...

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