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College Kids and Advance Directives for Health Care

'Tis the season for graduations!  In fact, we are celebrating the graduation of our founder and managing attorney's daughter from high school.  We know these young adults are getting antsy!  They are ready and want to leave for college. Yesterday.  In fact, a few of...

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3 Estate Planning Tips for Single Parents

Single parents find themselves in a precarious position. If something happened to you, the future health, well-being, and financial stability of your child would be uncertain. That’s why taking the necessary steps to create an estate plan ranks among the most...

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Where to Put Retirement Plans in Estate Planning

When most people think about planning their estate, they focus on things like the money in their bank accounts, their home, other property and their most important possessions. But a good estate planning lawyer will be sure to ask about all of your assets — including...

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A Month by Month Guide to Estate Planning in 2020

Are you overwhelmed by everything you need to do to create an estate plan? While it's better to have everything in place now, if that's too much to handle and would only result in your putting everything off forever, you can try tackling just one thing each month....

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