Summer has arrived and so have beaches, sun screen, pool noodles and more.  Summer also brings moms calling our office because they want to get their last will and testament and nomination of guardianship in place before they leave for their trip.  This summer, we anticipate this happening more than ever because we have been unable to travel as previously.  And we are ready!  But we want you to know that it takes longer than a day to put an estate plan in place that works.  So we want you to call now!

As you have been dreaming and planning of the vacation plans you will make, think of also making and putting in place your estate plan.  Why will an estate plan help you?  Why do you need an estate plan?

Well, you don’t.  You’ve lived this long without one.  But an estate plan is like having insurance that IF you need it, you will have it.  More importantly, YOUR KIDS will have it and be taken care of by you.  That is really what it comes down to when we talk estate plans.  The plan isn’t for you.  It is for your kids.  Its a plan that YOU put in place for them so they know one day that you contemplated that if something happened to you, they are taken care of in a thoughtful way.

I know that during the summer this isn’t as lovely to think about as beach plans and pool noodles.  But it is equally as important, if not more!

An estate plan is made up of several documents.  A last will and testament, a health care power of attorney (called an advance directive for health care in Georgia), a financial power of attorney, a HIPAA release, and, most importantly, a nomination of guardian.  Some people also have living trusts or testamentary trusts.

Each of these documents help you and your family differently.  But each are as needed as sunscreen to protect who you love the most! They work differently at different times so there is NO GAP in protection for your children.

So if you are heading out to the beach, to visit family, to go to a wedding, to go for a weekend away, give us a call and we can help you get your estate plan done before you leave!