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Why Do Women Need A Will?

Technically, women already have an estate plan.  In fact, every woman in every single state in the United States has one.  The government has given you one based on what THEY think and want to have happen to you and your property.  The best way to answer this question...

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Who is an heir in Georgia?

Who Is An Heir in Georgia. There is a difference between a beneficiary and an heir at law. Here are the definitions: A beneficiary is: someone is named in a document (in this instance a will) and is set to receive whatever share, item or property identified...

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Why Do Moms Need a Trust And Not A Will

We work with moms.  One of the first things we discuss with moms (and dads) when we meet with them in our consultation is why they need a trust and why a basic or simple will won't work.  We'd like to share that information with you, also. So why won't a simple will...

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What is a Will and why do you need a Will?

What is a Will? Here is a very, very basic breakdown of what a will is (and isn’t): A legal, binding document Goes into effect when you die Can be changed up until you die Needs to be signed in a certain way or isn’t valid and enforceable (subject to laws of state you...

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